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Management consulting services

Пред всяка компания стоят въпроси от стратегически, оперативен и технологичен характер. Услугите, които предлага "Глобъл Одит Сървисез"ООД във връзка с управленското решаването на такива въпроси са насочени към предприемачески, средно големи компании. Услугите ни са основно в следните области:
Every company is faced with strategic, operational, and technological issues. The management consulting sevices offered by "Global Audit Services" LTd. are targeted particularly to entrepreneurs and middle-sized companies. Our services are mainly in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning - focusing on strategic planning; growth management; mergers and acquisitions; organization design; cost management/reduction; financial planning and budgeting
  • Operations performance improvement - focusing on business process improvement/reengineering; best practices; policies and procedures development; operational benchmarking; operations review; quality management; performance measurement; acquisition integration; turnaround services; working capital acceleration
  • Information technology - focusing on systems and technology planning; technology effectiveness assessment; requirements definition; vendor evaluation/selection; application package implementation; project planning/project management.